Cavs Re-Sign Kyle Korver

Updated: July 3, 2017

In an offseason that has been considerably quiet for a Lebron-led team, the Cavs have re-signed sharpshooter Kyle Korver. Korver inked a 3-year deal worth $22 million, but the third year he has the option to opt out.

The deal is good for both the Cavs and Korver himself. The 76ers just saw another three-point weapon, J.J. Redick, sign for one year, but he will make $23 million. Looking at both players and their almost identical play styles, Korver’s contract seems to be a steal. But Korver should also be happy with the money he is getting when you acknowledge that he is 36 and isn’t even a starter.

In terms of whether or not this was a beneficial move for the Cavs, I would say it doesn’t help the luxury tax, but Korver’s effect on the team outweighs the money. There aren’t many players who can shoot the ball like Korver. Because of this, Korver is guarded heavier on the three point line than Kyrie and he spreads the floor for the offense extremely well. This is a dream offense for Korver and is a blessing. A win-win situation.

Rumors are swirling that Iman Shumpert may be moved to clear up some cap space, but many feel that Shumpert is more valuable to the team than Korver. I just don’t buy this, especially when I use the eye test. Korver, on paper and in-game, is much more of an asset offensively than Shumpert. Yes, Shumpert is the superior defensive player, but Shumpert is not the elite defender he was in 2015. Korver is just more worthy of raising the Cavs’ payroll than Shumpert.

Three more years of Korver sounds great to me and the Cavs will not regret keeping the three-point shot alive on the bench.

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