Cleveland needed to take charge of the game early. Which they did, starting the game with 12 uncontested points. The ball movement in the first quarter was spectacular. The Cavs were finally looking like the team that we had been wanting, and knew they could be. They took control of the tempo. The Raptors’ head coach predicted Cleveland to come out like “wet hens”; that they would come out mad. And they came out firing. The Cavs were grabbing every rebound and dominating in the paint.

After 1 quarter, the Cavs were ahead 34-21.

The second quarter got a little more interesting. Bench players from both teams came on the floor, and Toronto took advantage of Cleveland’s struggling defense. The Cavs started missing shots, picking up fouls, and allowing easy buckets. With LeBron and Love off the floor, and the number of mistakes made by the bench, pressure was then put on Kyrie to keep up the pace. Toronto’s Lou Williams then took over. With his deadly pump fake, he repeatedly was given three free throws. He hit a buzzer-beating 3, sending the Raptors into the locker room leading 56-54 at the half.

The third quarter was embarrassing, there is no other way to put it. The Cavs scored 17 points in the quarter, while the Raptors scored 29. The great ball distribution and moving without the ball that was in the first quarter was nowhere to be found. Williams and Lowry took over, and it felt like they made every shot they took. After having as much as an 18 point lead in the first quarter, the Cavs trailed 85-71 at the end of three.

In the fourth, the Cavs continued to crumble, and the Raptors took kept the lead. I really have no words. As amazing as the first quarter was, the second half was terrible. Not only were shots not falling, Cleveland was turning the ball over all over the place, allowing easy baskets, and no one could stop Lou Williams, who had one of his best game as a Raptor. Once again, defense was bad, turn-overs were a problem, and ball movement was lacking. Same old, same old.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their fourth straight game, 110-93.

The Cavs are back in action Monday night, against Orlando.


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