It was an absolutely incredible night in Boston as the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics by a score of 118-94. It evened the series at one game apiece with Game Three in Cleveland on Saturday at 8:30. The Cavs were 13.5-point underdogs coming into the affair making that a 37.5 difference – WOW.

Well, it took a lot of changes by everyone on the team after that Game One blowout defeat with Boston winning 120-95.

The first player I have to look at is star Donovan Mitchell. Within this series, there is always the question of the future of this star in Cleveland with the Cavaliers. I wrote about this in a piece (link below) and Mitchell did a great job of proving me wrong in this game.

My criticism of him as a whole is that he too often plays “hero ball.” Meaning he’s amazing, scores lots of points and makes lots of shots but the flow of the team as a whole is not in-sych. This is where say a LeBron James is the exact opposite cause he scores a ton but also makes everyone else better. Thus, his team is able to contend for titles and even win some too.

In Game One, Mitchell scored 33 points on 12-25 shooting. That’s a great number but the score was the opposite. Losing by 25 is not a way to battle with the best of them like this Boston team is and it was a disastrous loss. Everything changed in the second game. Mitchell scored 29 points on 10-19 shooting. Thus, it was an even a less number from the stud but the Cavs won and won big.

Now, fans will go straight to the “he needs help” line and include me in that because it’s true. Even so, Mitchell did a much better job with the flow of the game, the pace, the movement in Game Two versus Game One. It may not be seen in the stats but watch the first compared to the second and it just…shows.

Who else stepped up?

Well, Evan Mobley was absolutely fantastic in the second game on the offensive end scoring 21 points on 9-15 scoring. Need that offensive jolt from this power forward to win. Darius Garland only scored 14 points yet hit 4-5 crucial three-pointers. Efficiency is always key. Issac Okoro also shot 5-6 with 12 points cutting to the basket and connecting when put to the test. Off the bench, Carius LeVert played 26 big minutes with 21 points on 9-17. Even Tristan Thompson, without a field goal in 10 minutes had a couple of big rebounds and overall great defense.

The Cavs also did a great job on the defensive end by only allowing 94 points. Nobody on the Celtics scored more than 25. As a team, they shot 41.3% overall and 22.9% from deep. Poor numbers…

Despite the hype from the win, everyone has to remember that it’s only one game. This is a long series and it’ll take three more “flow games” from Mitchell and overall help from those aforementioned players. A betting man would raise his eyebrows a bit but probably still take Boston in the series overall.

To use a boxing match as an analogy. This is like the top favorite fighter got knocked down in the fight by the underdog. Yeah, everyone is stunned but even so the top guy got up and the battle continues moving forward. (Rocky Style)

Read my Donovan Mitchell article by CLICKING HERE. Keep in mind it was before Game Two.

Once again, Game Three is in Cleveland on Saturday night at 8:30 on ABC.

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