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At the end of last year’s NBA season, no one expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the favorite to win the NBA title this year. This was also before the Cavs had acquired Kevin Love and LeBron James. It took only a matter of months, but life for Cavalier fans changed 180 degrees. Entering this season, which starts tonight for the Cavaliers, they are 3/1 favorites to win the NBA Championship. The over/under on Cavs wins this season is set at 58.5 by Vegas. For those of you new to gambling, Las Vegas set the mark of 58.5 wins and gamblers can bet higher or lower than that total for wins by the Cavs. Our staff at has graciously provided their opinions of win/loss totals for the coming season.

Danny Cunningham – 61

Ben Thomas – 59

Zach Shafron – 66-16 – “scary part is that’s not even their full potential.”

Brad Ward – 56

Gabe Cohn 62

Kevin Michael McGhee – 58

Alex Kirby – 60

Max Gold – 64

Dallas Tucholski – 63

Jackson Flickinger 63

Dallas Tucholski – Screw It – 82

Ian Tumey – 62

Chris Sladoje – 68

Rick Giavonette – 64 – Look, Mom, I made it on the internet!

It would seem that those of our staff that voted are taking the over for total wins. I probably should have asked for these totals days ago, collected money, driven to New Jersey, and placed a massive bet on the over. Well, you know what they say, hindsight is always 20/20. There are only two writers that took the under and that would be Brad Ward and Kevin McGhee. Don’t worry, each of these two will receive a lash for every win over their predicted totals. Just kidding, we don’t promote violence at CST.

I am not saying there will not be some growing pains for the Cavs early on, but they are just too talented to finish with anything less than 60 wins. They have the potential to score 110 a game. If they can play a little bit of defense, they will be very hard to beat. Even at 60 wins, that would make the Cavs 60-22 on the season. Do you see this team losing 22 times? If the LeBron-led Cavs of the past can win 60, this team should probably win 70.

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Written by Rick Giavonette

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