March 4, 2024

It’s over! It’s over! Cleveland is no longer the City of Losers. Wait, what? I thought we won the NBA Championship in 2016? Well, yeah. But this isn’t exactly quite what I am talking about.

On Tuesday night the Detroit Pistons broke the NBA record for most consecutive losses in a row. A losing streak of 27 games. Yes, it was held by the 2010-11 Cavaliers with 26 (tied with ’13-’14 76ers).

Longest single-season losing streak in NBA history:

27 — Detroit Pistons (2023-24)

26 — Cleveland Cavaliers (2010-11)

26 — Philadelphia 76ers (2013-14)

23 — Vancouver Grizzlies (1995-96)

23 — Denver Nuggets (1997-98)

23 — Charlotte Bobcats (2011-12)

Wow, let’s take a look at that Cavs starting lineup. In the 26th loss in a row against the Detroit Pistons (ironic) on Feb. 19th, 2011 the Cavs started Christian Eyenga, JJ Hickson, Antawn Jamison, Anthony Parker and Ramon Sessions.

Even worse, the Cavs had a 10-game losing streak beforehand. Thus, this was literally 36 out of 37 games the Cavs lost.

The win to end the streak came to an end at home against the Los Angeles Clippers in a 126-119 overtime game. The team finished that year with a 19-63 record overall with coach Byron Scott at the helm.

Our current Cavaliers are 17-13 on the season and sure there have been some frustrating games with this team. However, we should take every win as a blessing because at least we aren’t the 2010 squad or these current 2-28 Pistons with absolutely no hope at all.

Truthfully, because of the losing the Cavs were able to draft PG Kyrie Irving and he would go on to hit the biggest shot in Cleveland history to secure a finals victory.

The Pistons are in Boston to face the Celtics and the home against the Toronto Raptors. This will finish off the calendar year, however, the team has 52 more games on the schedule this season.

It’s really a shame because I remember back in my childhood when the Pistons were absolutely amazing. 2007 when LeBron dropped 48 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. That was a series the Cavs would actually go on the win and beat the 53-29 Pistons that year.

Like Rocky said, “How did everything so good get so bad?” Just looking at this iconic photo and it brings back the memories of both these teams being absolutely amazing back in the day.

Look, I’m still salty about losing the Middle School Turkey Bowl in gym class back near the holidays that year. Losing sucks. Let’s appreciate the fact that our beloved Browns are 10-5, the Cavs aren’t so bad and life isn’t so bad here in Cleveland.

To the fans in Detroit?

Sucks to suck.


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