Cavs: New Generation, New Opportunities

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a young team. Minus a few veterans like Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson (and a couple of others), this team is really turning the page of the roster to a new generation.

Certainly, the squad has shown flashes throughout the first three games of this young season, especially the second game. It’s the only win so far, a 110-99 home victory against Indiana.

16 years ago TONIGHT LeBron James made his NBA debut with the Cavs. Now, present-day, most Cleveland fans understand that this isn’t a team featuring a superstar (currently) like LeBron that instantly will contend for a championship.

Even LBJ took a few years to make the playoffs. It is a process that will take time to develop.

Collin Sexton (second year), Darius Garland (rookie), Dylan Windler (rookie out with injury), Cedi Osman (just signed a four-year extension). That is the new core of this squad.

TT (age 28) & K Love (age 31) are great players, but I believe each will be an attractive piece on the trade market because they’re ready to contend for titles with teams this year.

Thus, I hesitate to include those two in the longterm future of this team. Not to say it’s a guarantee or anything…

Additionally, the Cavs brought in a really solid coach in John Beilein. This man has been successfully coaching college ball for decades. It’s nice the team brought in someone with such experience to help guide these young players in their early years.

With the development of the young players, a few more picks in the future and a trade here or there, not too far in the future will it be time to contend for another NBA Championship.

Take Collin Sexton and simply look at the improvements the second-year guard has made from the beginning of his rookie season to the second half of that season and now as this year begins.

It’ll only get better as Sexton gets more experience. That’s the same with the other young players.

Frankly, it will be interesting to see if the 2019-20 Cavs end up mediocre or bad in a quest for a better draft pick and player.

Generally speaking, the building blocks in order to create a championship team are many. It does feel like the Cavs have put together the first few blocks in the right places.

Let’s hope that as time goes on more blocks fall in the correct spots, eventually building another championship team down the road.

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