Cavs Lack Eye of the Tiger, Edge – Get Killed By Magic in Game 3


Yes, the first two games were quite the celebration for the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Orlando Magic in The Land. The Cavs won the first game by a score of 97-83 and the second at 96-86. It was a 2-0 lead going on the road.

Life was good. Or so it seemed.

Game 3 was on the road in Orlando and yes that is certainly a test just simply being in the Kia Center, with the atmosphere and such. Even so, the Cavs had won the first two games and proven to be the superior team, obviously.

What happened in the third game was the Cavs lost that Eye of Tiger and edge, becoming the weaker team that had no chance to win with the circumstances. The Wine and Gold ended up losing by a whopping score of 121-83. That was the worst playoff loss in the franchises’ history, down 36 points total to finish.

Superstars such as Donovon Mitchell had 13 points total, Evan Mobley with 10 and Darius Garland only had five.

It wasn’t simply just the lack of offense but the clear horrific defense that showed the true flaws of this squad. To lose a game by this much is as an absolute embarrassment and there are certainly questions moving forward to the coming games.

Game 4 once again takes place on the road this Saturday at 1 p.m. The Cavs will once again face that aforementioned test against the Magic in the Kia Center with the road crowd screaming and yelling against them.

Another loss and the series is even at two. The Magic have all the momentum and things could take a true turn for the worst…

Let’s go back to the Eye of the Tiger Speech from the Rocky III Movie by Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) rest in peace to our friend.

Apollo’s full stump speech:

Look, man, when you beat me, I hurt all over and I didn’t wanna know from nothin’ or nobody – not even my kids. Hell, every fighter knows that hurt, and we get sick inside trying to live with it, so don’t back off now. Make it right for yourself or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.

We held the greatest title in the whole world, babe. You lost that fight for all the wrong reasons. You lost your edge. All right, I know your manager dying had you all messed up inside, but the truth is you didn’t look hungry.

Now when we fought, you had that eye of the tiger, man, the edge. And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. You know what I mean?

Heh-heh, maybe we could win it back together.

Eye of the tiger, man.

The Cavs must find that edge the team had for the majority of this season and the first two games of this series. Going back to the principles held throughout in order to get back on top and advantage.

It starts with winning Game 4 even though it’s on the road and then eventually taking Game 5 and any more if needed no matter where they take place at.

Moving forward and the punches have to be thrown to start the game. Get on top, take the lead and never look back. Show this Magic team Cleveland means business and that’s how the rest of the series is going to go. Subsequently shining on both offense and defense by all.

Make the rest of the world clear how this is going to change for Cleveland. Game 4 is going to be much different for the Cavs in a positive way.

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