Cavaliers (34-22) Knicks (10-44)

The Knicks suck. Not only have they traded away anything that resembles an NBA-caliber player, but they also recently just shut down their super star small forward, Carmelo Anthony. At 10-44, there is no hope for the bunch of D-Leaugers that play at the Garden, but sadly for them this season is not over.

About four years ago, our Cavaliers experienced this same sort of bonafide failure after LeBron James left us for the Miami Heat. Sadly for the Knicks, and what remains of their fans, some of the best in the NBA I might add, the King is back in a crisp Wine & Gold uniform. We also took two of your most talented players in JR Smith and Iman Shumpert, and completely enhanced their games by positioning them around other talented players. Not the ball-hogging Melo, or dead-beat Amar’e Stoudemire. Oh, wait. He’s gone too.

While being mean to the Knicks is fun, there is a game to be played. The Cavaliers must come out and take care of business right from the get-go. No messing around with this team. Only way you give a bad team a chance to win is by giving them one word – BELIEF.

Key Matchup: LeBron James vs. Madison Square Garden

The King absolutely thrives at MSG. The grandiose feel, the environment, the celebrities. It’s New York damn it, you better play your finest ball. And the King always does.

Additionally, JR Smith and Iman Shumpert both make their return to MSG as Cavaliers for the very first time. This is especially interesting for JR, whom has clearly upped his game since coming to the boring, cold and dead city of Cleveland. Expect him to have a great game, especially from beyond the arc.

Finally, this will potentially be the Cavaliers’ 16 win in 18 tries which is absolutely incredible compared to when we thought coach David Blatt was going to get fired, LeBron was going to bolt, Love was already packing his bags and this was the biggest letdown of a basketball team since James A. Naismith founded this glorious game back in 1891.

Of course everyone remembers when the Knicks shocked the Cavs in Cleveland on LeBron’s return party opening night. But obviously the times have changed. The final score of that game was 95-90. Then, in early December the Cavs narrowly defeated the Knicks with the final tally being 90-87. Kyrie Irving was absolutely phenomenal in that affair, dropping 37 including an absolutely delicious left hand scoop shoot, high off the glass to seal the deal. The Cavs are due for a blow out this afternoon. Because we finally play the Knicks with everything clicking.

Cavs by 20…plus 20. Just kidding. We’ll say double digits. LeBron sits the entire 4th.

Go get ’em, boys.


-Zach Shafron

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