“What happened? How did everything so good get so bad?”

Yes, that’s what Cavs fans have to be thinking after these past two games in this series against the Orlando Magic. It’s now tied at two games apiece after two embarrassing outings on the road.

Game 3: 112-86

Game 4: 121-83

I’m not good at math, but that’s a combined total of 233-169. Losing by 55 total points in the two games.

Look, it’s not easy to play on the road at any point in a NBA season, let alone during the playoffs. However, to get absolutely throttled especially after winning the first two games in a series that many thought was seemingly over is not okay.

Luckily, the team does still have the homecourt advantage with Game 5 and possibly Game 7 if needed at home.

What was clear is that despite the fact that the Cavs may have the tools, they lack the heart to contend. This most recent loss is one that may be looked back upon by many as a changing point for the entire franchise.

Honestly, the other problem is these playoffs are more than one round. Even if the Cavs somehow find a way to slide by the first round, the competition in the future will be much more intense.

Other questions remain such as if star guard Donovan Mitchell will remain on the team in the future and what the status of head coach JB Bickerstaff is…

Some no-name bum in Franz Wagner dropped 34 points on 13-17 shooting for the Magic. That just cannot be allowed in a playoff game especially when it’s on the road.

“So, what happened? How did everything, in fact, get so bad?”

Well, the reality is many knew this was coming it was just a matter of time. The first two games were great for the Cavs but transitioning to the road ended that reality. The team can still win the series but these two losses were…sobering.

How can Game 5 change things?

-Don’t allow the Magic to shoot 55.8% (33-77)

-Shoot better than 23.5% from deep (4/17)

-Control the glass (Lost that battle 43-29)

-Battle in the 3rd Quarter (Lost that quarter 37-10)

Even with the disastrous last two games the Cavs have the aforementioned homecourt advantage and can still win simply by taking the last two home games. Throw the two awful outings out and get ready to go for the next game in Cleveland.

My prediction?

I think the Cavs take the next two and win in six. Everything appears a bit better heading into the second round.



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