Cavs Hire Koby Altman As GM

Updated: July 21, 2017

On a normal day, this would be the big story everyone would be talking about. But, today, this news comes behind Kyrie Irving demanding a trade. After the Chauncey Billups talks fell through, Koby Altman emerged as the leader to replace David Griffin. He seemed like the only viable option for the price Dan Gilbert was willing to pay.

Altman joined the Cavs in 2012 as the pro personnel manager. He was named the director of pro personnel a year later. Last year, he was promoted once again to assistant general manager. From day one it seemed he was being groomed to become a GM somewhere.

With Kyrie demanding a trade, Altman will be starting his new job in a very precarious situation. LeBron has come out and said he will remain out of the Kyrie trade talks and let the front office handle it. So, it’s all on Koby and the rest of his team to figure out how to approach this. This would be a tough position to be in for a veteran GM, let alone a first timer.

It’s ridiculous that a team one-year removed from a championship would have this much turmoil, but here we are. At least we now know who will run the Cavs for the next couple years, that is until Dan Gilbert decides not to extend him and we do this all over again. Nope, this stuff isn’t depressing at all!


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