After announcing his returning to Cleveland in a beautifully written letter, two-time NBA champion LeBron James made a commitment. A commitment of loyalty, honor and trust. Most importantly, to win that coveted championship this city so desperately needs and deserves. It’s been 50 years.

What needs to be remembered is that LeBron James doesn’t run this team. Despite his grandiose resume, he is just a player. In his first stint with the Cavaliers that wasn’t the case. With a giant fear of losing him to free agency, the Cavs did everything to appease the star just reaching his prime. Sadly, all their efforts failed when he dashed to Miami with his buds leaving the city of Cleveland very angry and unsatisfied.

This time around, the ball is in the front office’s court. Even more so, it’s in our court. James wants to make us, the fans, happy.

Point blank, there is no way LeBron James will leave us again.

No. Way.

Thus, he needs to play by the front office’s rules including dealing with head coach David Blatt.

It’s quite annoying to see headlines every day that come from LeBron’s “posse” expressing his dislike for the first year head coach, well known for his successes overseas. Give the man a break. We’re just over 30 games into the season and the head coach is already in question? Ridiculous.

The rumors of LeBron leaving Cleveland yet again are even more laughable.

Bolt. I dare you. If you have the guts to do it, your legacy and everything you’ve ever stood for as a player and a man will be tarnished for eternity. You’ll never be the greatest of all time as a team hopper. Also, your hometown fans will once again hate you, even more so than before.

That sounded like a desperate plea to keep LeBron in Cleveland, something all to familiar to us way back in 2010. Now, LeBron and his people know exactly how terrible a PR move leaving would be. Even if the Cavaliers front office do make a move that irritates the King, he’s just going to have to live with it. That’s the way it’s going to go.

Most of what has been written is probably just smoke to generate more views on a website. But there’s got to be something behind these Blatt rumors and maybe just maybe even LeBron leaving if it’s an “appropriate business decision.” Truthfully, it’s scary. The last thing Cleveland fans want to deal with again is the fear of our King leaving us once more.

All of that being said, we shouldn’t worry. By making the commitment to come back to Cleveland, it included staying here for the long haul, which James has even referenced himself. Even though that was before the sluggish start, his words stay true.

The Cavaliers front office will do what is best for the LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs. If that means eventually parting ways with coach Blatt, they will do it not for LeBron but because it’s the right choice moving forward for the entire team.

At times, LeBron has looked rather disinterested and sluggish on the court. It’s time to step up his intensity and lead this team to a top playoff spot, regardless of whom the head coach is.

-Zach Shafron

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