March 4, 2024

What’s up, everybody. I’m a just get straight to the point. I love the Cavs but I have to be 100% honest! I know you guys saw tonight’s game. This was a clear case of playing down to your competition! This should have been an easy W for us!

Yes, Allen had a double-double but it was impactful and Mobley had 20 and 8! But was it meaningful? It’s like we got too content from winning against the Raptors and Hawks! It’s like we came in and expected Portland to lie down, which wasn’t the case at all. We got out-coached tonight.

Billups has his boys well prepared knowing that they were the clearly the underdogs. That’s the thing about the NBA or any professional sport. These are professional athletes! Just because we look better on paper doesn’t always necessarily mean we are going to win!!! Tonight the the classic TRAP game!

Who knows we could’ve had tired legs from blowing the Hawks out and picking up a hard-earned win over Toronto! Games like this can affect playoff seeding! Yes, it’s a long season but a loss like this can make us a play-in team or a playoff team! These games matter! Mitchell made some key plays down the stretch but overall it wasn’t his best effort and Mitchell is my guy and I’m sure he’ll be the first one to tell you he could have played better! It’s just tough love, we can do better!

Our bench was nonexistent, Okoro, Levert and Niang combined for 16 points. We can’t have too many games like this. They had Shaedon Sharpe looking like he got next! Our best bet is to look at the film. Correct mistakes and do better! We have Pistons coming up on Saturday which looks like an easy W right? I expect Coach Bikerstaff to have us locked in against Detroit because the road doesn’t get any easier as we have Magic twice who are playing amazing ball right now and the Celtics twice who have been playing great all season long! Let’s just hope we can weather the storm coming up and actually lock in and get a few key wins over the next several days. Go Cavs.

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