Cavs Get Trail blazed in Portland: Cavs vs. Trail Blazers Recap


Well…That was terrible.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, who were coming off a huge win against the Chicago Bulls, rolled into Portland and got smoked by the score of 101-82. This game had an incredible high and several shocking lows starting in the first quarter. From the beginning many thought that this game was going to be a offensive exhibition by both teams and that is exactly what we got in the first quarter. The Cavaliers came out on fire making their first ten shots to start. At that point everyone in the building was bracing themselves for a heck of a shootout because at the end of the first quarter the score was already 34-31 and the Cavs had the lead.

But then reality set in…

After scoring 34 points in the first quarter the Cavs scored a total of 48 points the rest of the game. The Cavs scored 16 points in the second quarter, 19 points in the third quarter, and a total of 13 — that’s right 13 points — in the fourth quarter. So you might be asking, what caused this awful and sudden collapse? Let’s start with the offense. After scoring 34 points in the first quarter, the Cavaliers threw in their 2nd unit in the second quarter and it all fell apart from there. Once the second unit came in the Cavs didn’t score a single point until there was 7:37 seconds left in the first half. That is almost five minutes without a bucket. In the game, the bench only scored a total of 25 points. The Cavaliers threw out a second unit that was all over the place. When a combination of Delly, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Tristan Thompson, and Anderson Varejaeo is on the floor there is no offense to go on. None of those players can create their own shot and David Blatt can’t run any complex plays with the second unit. Even when Dion Waiters was subbed back in the offense remained very stagnant.

As for the staring five, they didn’t look too great themselves. LeBron James was extremely passive like he was last Friday in Cleveland and only totaled 11 points. Kyrie Irving shot 3-17 and scored only nine points. Waiters shot 3-11 and scored 6 points and Anderson Varejao scored 9 points. The only outlier was Kevin Love who shot 50% from the floor, scoring 22 points and securing 10 rebounds.

The problem was the lack of ball movement. Last year the Cavaliers relied on Kyrie Irving to run isolation every other play which led to turnovers and losses. Tonight they reverted right back to that syndrome. The ball wasn’t moving at all on the offensive end and the lack of ball movement lead to 14 team turnovers.

As for the defense, the struggle continues. The Cavs allowed PG Damian Lillard to score 27 points, pull down 6 rebounds, and collect 7 assists,  and they allowed LaMarcus Aldridge to score 16 points and grab 4 boards. In total the Cavs allowed the Portland starting five to score 90 points, which is unacceptable. The Cavs allowed easy fast break opportunities and easy paint opportunities which ultimately led to their demise.

Overall the Cavs looked awful at each end of the floor last night and look confused and flustered on the court. As we all know this Cavaliers team is still searching for its identity and with plenty of games remaining the Cavs have time to figure it out, but they better figure it out soon. The Cavaliers will look to bounce back tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz in Utah.

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