I am still in complete shock. The Cavs just got the number 1 pick with only a 1.7% chance at getting it. This tremendously helps out the Cavs franchise in numerous ways. The Cavs probably have coaching candidates lining up at the door for a chance to coach this Cavaliers team. Who knows, Lebron James might even come back to Cleveland now. Let’s face it, Cleveland is now in a better position to win than Miami.

So who do the Cavs take with the pick? This is an interesting question. I think this all depends on wether Lebron will come back to Cleveland or not. If the Heat don’t win the finals this year, I believe Lebron will be looking to get out of Miami. If they are able to complete the three-peat, however, he will most likely be more inclined to stay with the Heat. So if the Heat win the finals, I think the obvious choice would be Andrew Wiggins. Let’s be honest, we have a very small chance at resigning Luol Deng, which would leave a huge void at small forward, which Wiggins would be able to fit nicely. Don’t sleep on Jabari Parker in this situation either. If the Heat are unable to complete the three-peat, look for the Cavaliers to take Joel Embiid. Embiid is a monstrous 7 footer who especially excels at shot blocking. He would definitely be the center of the future for this team.

The scenario everyone is sleeping on is the Cavs trading out of the number 1 pick. I’m sure there will be pick 1 for Kevin Love rumors all over the place before the draft. It is my gut feeling that the Cavs will trade out of the pick.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what the Cavaliers will do with the many opportunities that comes with having the number 1 overall pick.

– Jimmy Carcioppolo (follow me on twitter @CST_JimmyC)

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