Cleveland Cavaliers 122- Boston Celtics 121

The Cleveland Cavaliers were coming into Boston having won their last two games, and looking to take advantage of the Celtics’ lacking defense. The “Big 3” had a total of 80 points, and LeBron made it look easy. But on the other end of the court, the Celtics’ scoring looked just as simple.

The Cavs’ defense was pretty lacking. Boston had too many easy buckets. From what I saw when my live stream wasn’t frozen, defense in the paint needs a lot of work. Once Rondo or Olynyk got past their defender, it was like parting the Red Sea in the lane.

Even with the lack of defense, this game was a thriller until the end. Cleveland came back from a 19-point deficit. After starting out a little flat, LeBron finally took over and played like we all know he can, finishing with 41 points. Love finished with a double-double, securing 15 rebounds and 12 points. As a team, the Cavs shot over 50% from the field, and 76% from the free-throw line.

The Cavs are finally playing more team ball. The problem now is defense. Cleveland didn’t have much trouble scoring due to Boston’s lacking defense, but against a stronger opponent, there could be trouble.

Overall, the Cavs’ offense looked pretty good, whether it was the execution or just playing against a bad Boston defense.

Cleveland is back in action tomorrow night, against the Atlanta Hawks.



Photo credit: Nathaniel Butler/NBAE/GettyImages

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