I love a good conspiracy theory.

I don’t necessarily believe any of them, but they are so interesting. Every major attack or moment in this country has a conspiracy theory tied to in. Game 3 of the Cavs and Celtics series was no exception.

“Did you know NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was so worried about the league’s TV ratings that he rang up LeBron James and told him to take it easy on the Celtics?” – AP Sports

Waking up the morning after Game 3 and I thought to myself, “How the hell was it possible for the Cavs to lose that game?” Then I thought back to the contest and many times it appeared like LeBron wasn’t even trying. There’s a huge difference between struggling with your shot versus simply giving up. Where was that ferocious beast that thwarted any chance for the Celtics to win a game ? The man that inculcated an attitude in the Cavs of refusing to lose!

Gone. Gone he was.

Did Adam Silver hit up ‘bron ‘bron on the cell asking him to take it easy for the league’s sake? I just cannot see that happening. How could LeBron agree to that offer? Unless…major money was on the table.

However, the signs do point to something fishy. Or LeBron just sucked.

We all know conspiracy and the NBA go hand in hand.

Most of all: just win Game 4.





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