While the future timeline for the NBA is still murky, it is clear that the Cavs will not be a part of any postseason plan and that their marquee competition this year is once again the Draft Lottery. The Cavs will most likely pick between first and sixth, and they hold the joint best odds of securing this year’s top selection, with a 14% chance. However, this also means that there is an 86% chance that their pick will fall between two and six, so the Cavs cannot simply scout one player with the idea they can get whoever they want. One interesting top prospect that has not gotten as much attention like the flashy Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball is Dayton forward Obi Toppin.

Although being 22-years-old is not common for a premier prospect, Toppin has posted a dominating stat line of 20 points and 7.5 rebounds per game supplemented with 39% shooting from three. His athleticism lands his dunks on many highlight reels, but more importantly, it gives him the versatility to fit into a variety of schemes on both sides of the floor, especially in the pick and roll and in the paint.

Many of their doubts based on his age and potential room for growth, based on the fact that it took him three seasons in college to attract widespread attention as a potential draft pick. However, the Cavs know what Toppin can do, and that is an asset when they already have several developing projects from previous years. Drafting a guy out of Ohio is usually not unpopular either. 

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