Cavs Display Excellent Chemistry in Their Win Against Nets – Making a “Powerful Statement”

Fitting for MLK Day, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a “powerful statement” in their home win versus the Brooklyn Nets, 114-107.  The Cavs have now won five-straight games.

This signature win versus the Nets has placed the Cavs at 27-18 in the win-loss column, 4th in the Eastern Conference standings.

We knew the Cavaliers would have a promising season, but to be 45 games into the regular season and have a better record than the Philadelphia 76ers and the Defending Champion Milwaukee Bucks has been a pleasant surprise that has the entire league buzzing.

If anyone had told us that the Cavs would be five games better than LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers at this point, we would have claimed that someone was a little off-their-rocker.

Last evening, Darius Garland continued leading the team in All-Star fashion versus the Nets, scoring 22 points on 10-19 shooting, pulling down six boards and dishing out 12 assists.

The Cavs showed great chemistry in this balanced attack on the Brooklyn team, with six players scoring in double figures.

Many will mention that Kevin Durant was out for this game due to a knee injury, favoring the Cavs.  However, what we are learning about these young Cavs is that they are winning the games they are “supposed to win.”

With key players out for their opponents, the Cavs have smelled blood in the water and taken advantage of it all year.  They take no games off and always show up to compete.

The Cavs are only a game and a half out of first place in the East. Their next game is Wednesday night against the #1 seaded Bulls. Can the Cavs win and close in on the Eastern Conference’s top spot?


Photo courtesy of Darius Garland’s Instagram.

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