In attempts to bring back LeBron James and offer him a maximum contract of 20.7 million, the Cavs cut close to 10 million dollars in a three- team trade with Boston and Brooklyn. Here’s the trade:

Boston gets: Tyler Zeller, Cavs 2016 first round pick (protected)

Brooklyn gets: Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev

Cleveland gets: future 2nd round pick

The Cavs are in an all out pursuit of LeBron James, and have cleared the necessary salaries to make a deal happen. Zeller, Karasev and Jack all played bench roles last season for the Cavs. Zeller and Karasev are young talents, and are definitely developing players. But, this transaction was a small price to pay for getting a chance to land the King while maintaining ¬†the core of Kyrie, Waiters, Thompson and Bennett. Lebron is expected to meet with the Miami brass this afternoon. Will Cleveland’s full court press work?

Bring the King Home!


-Eric Szczepinski

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