Cavs can’t get trapped by Heat


Image via LA Times

Tonight’s game against the Heat, is a trap game. The Cavs cannot let a team that they are significantly better than beat them at home. It is a trap game for obvious reasons. LeBron spent the last four years on the Heat, and emotions will be high.

Cleveland fans still have a burning hate for the Heat, when they stole away James back in 2010. LeBron is still good friends with many Miami players. And the Cavaliers need to avenge their Christmas day loss, being handled 101-91.

But I am not worried about the Cavs tonight. On Christmas, LeBron was a little too friendly and relaxed against the Heat. That caused Dwyane Wade and Miami to handle the Cavs easily. But, tonight we are going to see a much different result.

My prediction, is that LeBron rises to a whole new level in tonight’s game. He is going to be fired up, to get his revenge on Miami. You will see him take over the basketball game, and dominate the floor, exploiting his former team’s flaws.

You will see him attack the basket like a possessed beast, and defend his man like a mama bear to her cub. Tonight, is going to be LeBron’s game. And as usual, we are all going to be watching, as witnesses.


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