Cavs Bench the Unsung Heroes of Winning Streak


The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently winners of 12 in a row and are going for their franchise record of 13 straight tonight against the 7-16 Sacramento Kings. The Cavs are clicking on every level right now. While most of the national attention will go to LeBron James, rightfully so, the unsung heroes of this winning streak have been the Cavaliers bench players.

The Cavs have greatly bolstered their depth this season with the additions of NBA veterans Jeff Green, Dwayne Wade and Jose Calderon to go along with Kyle Korver and Channing Frye. The new faces on the Cavs bench have been a huge addition to an already very good Cavs team.

Currently, the Cavs bench is averaging 40.9 points per game, the fourth-best mark in the NBA. They are scoring this with 46.9% shooting, also the fourth-best mark in the NBA. These numbers are drastically different from last year’s Cavs team. That team ranked 28th in the NBA with 28.3 points per game on 43.8% shooting, which ranked 18th. This huge boost in scoring has come from three players that could all potentially see themselves in the Sixth Man of the Year conversation. Those three players being Wade, Green, and Korver, who are all currently averaging over 10 points per game.

The most impressive stat about this season’s bench mob would have to be their plus/minus. The Cavs bench has a plus/minus of 12.2, the second-best mark in the NBA. Compare that to last season’s horrific plus/minus of -10.5, the second-worst mark in the NBA that year. The bench is scoring at a high rate and playing a level of defense that had been completely missing from previous Cavs benches.

The bench of an NBA team is something that is often overlooked, but is vital to winning a championship. The current bench that the Cavs have is playing at a championship level and will be a very important piece for the Cavs come June. The biggest reason it’s so important this season is because now the Cavs have a bench that can not only hold a lead, but extend it. This is giving LeBron the time he needs to rest in December to be fresh for June. The thought of a well-rested James before the NBA Playoffs should terrify every single team that stands in the Cavs way.

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