Cavs Approaching Five-Year Anniversary: What it Means

On June 19, 2016, everything changed for Clevelanders alike. Yes, our Cavaliers had completed the historic 3-1 comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It was the first (real) championship for Cleveland since the Browns won in 1964 and that was 52 years ago.

Most fans weren’t even born yet.

This idea of a championship seemed so unfathomable. LeBron James had come and gone. His departure to Miami in 2010 really eliminated any idea of a title from the Cavs in those following years. It wasn’t until LeBron returned home in 2014 that hope was revitalized.

Five years ago in the 2016 Finals, the Cavs would find themselves down 3-1 and for many hope was lost once more. To come back from such a deficit seemed insurmountable. Games 5 and 7 were on the road to make matters even more challenging.

Even so, the Cavs were able to overcome the impossible and win three games in a row to take the title and win that historic championship for Cleveland.

June 19, 2021, will mark five years since the comeback was completed. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since, yet no amount of time will erase the glory of the win.

This championship took the burden off the backs of Cleveland sports teams and a city that was known for failing to complete the job. From the 90s Indians’ disappointing finishes to The Drive/Fumble of the Browns and LeBron leaving for Miami, that all ruined potential chances. This doesn’t include all the absolutely horrific teams throughout the years where there wasn’t even a sliver of hope at a title…

Currently, no one is picking the Indians or Cavs to win it all. The Browns actually have one of the best teams since the franchise came back in ’99. It’s been many years of failure and loss for the football team up until this point, though.

That championship in 2016 was everything for this city. There haven’t been any other titles to celebrate since and while that’s unfortunate, it allows fans to reminisce on the 3-1 comeback that actually happened. No matter what happens with our teams now and in the future, we will always have that title.

Nobody can take it away from us!

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