Cavs and Warriors Proving There are No True Rivalries in the NBA

Updated: June 16, 2017

I want to hate the Warriors and I don’t think I’m alone. Since the Cavs lost in the NBA Finals to Golden State in five games, the only thing Clevelanders want to do is hate on them. But of course, LeBron haaaaaad to start with this friendly banter against the Warriors’ instigator, Draymond Green.

Sadly, it’s clear that Draymond and LeBron are “boys” and that’s disappointing because we are supposed to hate on him the most out of all the Golden State players. Draymond was also featured in LeBron’s “Barber Shop” mini-movie.

In general, I’ve never been a fan of the fact that all the players are friends with each other and there are really only a few NBA rivals, if any. That, in it of itself, is a huge reason why super teams are formed. Instead of Kevin Durant hating Steph Curry and company for coming back from a 3-1 lead to beat his Thunder, he decided to take Draymond Green up on his post-Game 7 offer and join the Warriors.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Cavs and Warriors could just pretend to hate each other, so that we as fans would have an easier time following suit? Like…these two teams just battled it out for the third year in a row and just days after the finals they’re teasing each other like bros.

Sadly, we all know these guys will always be friends…

And I know some of you reading this are going to be like, “Well, why can’t they be friends?” In reality, no reason against it. But how much more entertaining would games be if you knew the two teams just absolutely hated each other? That’s what I’m looking for in this Cavs/Warriors “rivalry” and I’m not seeing it.

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