It can be a shock to some, but it looks like the band is breaking up. The Cleveland Cavaliers rumor mill has been churning up some interesting theories that ultimately are not so farfetched. One catching some steam is that if Donovan Mitchell signs an extension, the expectation is that Garland and his camp will request a trade. The one-time All-Star is certainly playing with house money in terms of how the fans view him, as his recent playoff run didn’t do him any favors. Ultimatums are not a way to way to the fans’ hearts, especially when it involves whether to keep such a star as Mitchell. One of the potential moves that is being talked about is the possibility of trading for New Orleans Pelicans F Brandon Ingram. Let’s Explore this scenario.

New Orleans is expected to “aggressively” attempt to trade Ingram and Cleveland would be an ideal fit. In this scenario, the Cavs would receive another two-way wing player that fills a need at Small Forward and in return Garland and potentially Allen would both be shipped to the Bayou of Louisiana. Ingram brings length, versatility and knows how to score but also contributes to rebounding and assisting. BI averaged 20.8 PPG this season along with 5.1 RPG and 5.7 APG and brought a +/- of +175 when he was on the court. His offensive and defensive ratings are in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the NBA, meanwhile, Garland posted his worst offensive and defensive ratings in three years. Losing Garland and Allen collectively would show the faith the front office has in Mobley who performed well in the playoffs. His defensive presence was felt in round one and he stepped up and led the team in scoring after losing Mitchell in round two. In order to include Allen in the trade, the Cavs would possibly need to receive more compensation for the pair. That poses the question, would NO include CJ McCollum? New Orleans is likely to lose Jonas Valanciunas to free agency and would look to upgrade their center position. McCollum was deemed “not untouchable” among league whispers and would bring a veteran presence who can shoot. He posted his best career three-pt % of his career at 42.9%, creating an exciting potential backcourt with Mitchell. Garland and Allen would also be an excellent fit for the young Pelican team, joining Zion and Murphy III as a very talented core.

We know that CJ would slide nicely into the point guard position, trading hands with Mitchell running the offense, but how would Ingram fit in? He is a 6’8” small forward who can also play the four-position. Depending on what else the Cavs do in free agency and the draft, Mobley would likely slide to center and the Cavs would be afforded the flexibility to play big and small ball, moving Ingram all over the court. Strus could continue to start or join LeVert and provide experience off the bench. As we know injuries happen at the worst times – especially to our Cleveland teams, being a deep team is necessary and allows the coaching staff to make better matchups throughout the season. I believe all parties would be satisfied with this move, and one the fans certainly could get on board with.

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