November 30, 2021

Cavaliers’ Priority for Coming Offseason

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in purgatory after LeBron James left the franchise for the second time in his career two years ago. There has been a lottery pick and six head coaching changes in the six years total. With another disappointing season, the head coach John Beilen stepped down. The Cavaliers rank amongst the worst team in the league. Their lottery picks are yet to grab their niche in playing basketball. The Eastern Conference is improving; the Hawks had a couple of young players they can build on and are expecting a playoff appearance next season. The Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic are playoff contenders in years to come.

So, how can the Cleveland catch up?

What do they need to address this offseason?

First, find a leader, a good coach who can lead the team into a better future. A lot of good coaches are available in the market. Mark Jackson, who made the Golden State Warriors a dynasty prior to Steve Kerr’s arrival. A winning coach and made a good playoff. Also, a great point guard back in his playing days. Becky Hammon is another option who had a good record and gave the Spurs the title in the NBA Summer League three years ago. Yes, a summer league in men’s basketball.

Find a good partner for big Andre Drummond if he wants out of Cleveland as he referred the franchise much worse than Detroit. Offer a sign and trade that can fit the team’s roster. A lot of teams doing a sign and trade like the Warriors and Nets. They can really turn Drummond into an asset.

Trade both Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson on any contenders that need force in the paint. An expiring contract and a first-round pick is worth it for these guys. They are still serviceable for a playoff team. Thompson hustles on rebounds, offensive boards and second-chance points is a valuable thing. Kevin Love is still an 18,9 per game player, who can contribute big time. Teams are likely to gamble with them as their contracts were easy to move after this season.

A continuity to develop a playmaker is a must for Cleveland. If they can make Darius Garland into a full-time point guard, the better for Cavaliers. A franchise needs a valuable point guard to save them. Develop Colin Sexton into a good shooting guard; his scoring mentality can help the team. He’s perfect for being a go-to guy.

Be conservative in signing this offseason at free agency as this one could be one of the weakest.

Prepare for a big name 2021 free agency. A lot of premier talent out there. Giannis Antetokoumnpo is one of the big names. The Cavs can only bid with him if they can be a 35-win team next season. Aside from a lot of money on the table, there’s a need for good, young talent to help your franchise lift up. If they are competitive next season, then they had a legit shot on anybody. Depending on what kind of development they have, they can be a legit playoff contender if they can win free agency.

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