Cavaliers Get Ousted After All-Star Break

Last night, on March 13, 2021, the Cleveland Cavaliers got crushed by the New Orleans Pelicans. The final score of the game was 116-82. This was a shocker to Cavs fans considering the Cavs have kept most of their games close this season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers looked rusty coming out of this game. PG Collin Sexton led the team with 19 points, while PF Kevin Love looked lost out on the court with only four points scored. This season thus far, the Cavs have been consistently inconsistent. They have won games and blown many throughout the season.

This loss against the Pelicans feels like it is a wake-up call for the Cavs. Other than the 10-game losing streak, the Cavs have been battling as a competitor for most of the season. A horrid loss to the Pelicans could lead to another losing streak. My hope, as a fan, is that the Cavs find a way to regroup and bounce-back.

With another look at the current NBA standings, the Cleveland Cavaliers are three games out of the 8th seed playoff spot. If the Cavs want a chance to make the dance, they must brush this loss off and start a winning streak. In the NBA, there is always a chance. In order for this chance to become a reality, the Cavs must figure out a new groove for victory.

The Cavs next regular-season game is in Atlanta as they take on the Hawks. So far this season, the Cavs have taken care of the Hawks as they have the season series at 2-0. With the Cavs looking for a bounce-back, I would say this would be the game to do it, considering the Cavs have beaten them before.

Stay positive Cleveland, there is a bright light looking into the future! As always, GO CAVS!!!

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