Carlos Carrasco’s Courage Helpful With My Own Battle

When I heard Carlos Carrasco had cancer, I was actually in the hospital myself for my weekly ECT treatment.

ECT involves a brief electrical stimulation of the brain while the patient is under anesthesia.

Laying on the hospital bed, I was especially struck by the news because we see these athletes as invincible and for something like leukemia to attack a person that can throw a fastball over 90 MPH – it just doesn’t connect.

Frankly, I had no doubt Carrasco would be out for the season, if not done playing baseball forever. It was the end of May when the right-hander had to be shut down, fighting for so much more than to just come back and pitch.

Being sick myself for nearly three years with Lyme Disease and P.A.N.S., I understand the difficulties that he had to go through, albeit two very different challenges. I don’t like to compare illnesses with a “who has it worse” type of deal, but my life isn’t on the line and he could have died.

Carrasco is an inspiration for me and should be for many others in the sick community. He was able to battle such a horrific illness and not just recover but pitch in the MLB again in the same season.


Frankie Lindor and Carlos Carrasco embrace before he makes his first pitch on Sunday.

Both teams gave Carlos a standing ovation when he came out of the bullpen in Sunday’s game. The Indians ended up losing, getting swept in a frustrating series that really hurt the team. However, this was certainly a bright spot in an otherwise awful trip to Tampa.

Congratulations, Carlos, and the rest of the Carrasco family. I wish you well as you continue your journey and I hope you have a healthy and prosperous rest of your career and life as a whole!

No matter what happens out on the diamond, you’ll always be a hero to many.

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