When’s the last time you heard of a 3rd string quarterback leading his team to the National Championship? Yeah it’s not a story you hear of often, but that’s exactly what Cardale Jones can do tonight. And if he wins tonight he has a chance of making a career in football.

Jones was thrown onto the big stage with playoff hopes on the line, and he excelled brilliantly. He was throwing bombs all over the field and looked like he was an experienced senior. Can he do that again against the countries elite? Going up against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl with 3 weeks to prepare is a lot harder than facing Wisconsin. You can’t expect Jones to duplicate his last performance tonight, but he has shown he can perform on the big stage.

Jones has a chance of passing both a Senior and Heisman favorite, Braxton Miller and Big Ten record holder in touchdowns for a season, J.T. Barrett, to become the teams starter next season. As ridiculous as it seems, could you really bench Jones if he wins this game? Think about it. If Jones beats Alabama and leads Ohio State to the national championship game he deserves to start, or at least a shot.

This game could make or break Cardale Jones’ career. If he wins tonight, Jones could take control of the Buckeyes for the rest of his stay at Ohio State. He would also have a good chance of getting drafted in the future and have a shot in the NFL. It’s not that inconceivable. He has a cannon for an arm and all the tools you look for in an NFL quarterback. If he shows that he can win on the big stage against the number 1 team in the country, someone will give him a shot somewhere down the line.

On the other side of the page if he loses tonight he probably doesn’t get another shot at Ohio State. He’ll likely go back to being the 3rd string quarterback (assuming Miller comes back) or transferring to another college.

A trip to the National Championship is on the line tonight, but for Cardale Jones, much more than that is at stake. His entire career trajectory will be greatly impacted based on his performance tonight. You got your shot Cardale. Now make the most of it. It’s your team now.

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