Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell’s name made the news and all for the wrong reasons. McDowell was arrested in Deerfield Beach, Florida on significant charges, which include public exposure, aggravated battery of an officer and resisting arrest. Making matters worse, the 25-year-old McDowell was near a learning center. Browns organization released the following statement, “We are aware of the very concerning incident and arrest involving Malik McDowell and are in the process of gathering more information”. Regardless of the statement, the Browns need to cut ties with McDowell right now. So what is the hold-up? It is so sick and disturbing. McDowell should never be able to play in the National Football League ever again. Maybe he won’t, as he will be a free agent come March.

Let me remind you this is not his first run-in with the law. The Seattle Seahawks drafted McDowell in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft. McDowell would get himself into hot water, as later on he had a DUI, disorderly conduct, was charged with assault, resisting arrest and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. In March of 2019, Seattle finally had enough of McDowell’s antics and released him. This is the problem with sports. If a guy has red flags, they still take a chance on him. Not only does the player hurt their reputation, but the team’s reputation and image.

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