Can the Indians Make the Playoffs? Yes They Can


[yop_poll id=”4″]It’s not over! The Cleveland Indians are still alive and in the hunt for a 2014 playoff spot. The Indians are only 4 games out of a wildcard spot and 5.5 out of the Central Division championship race. God I love baseball, especially in this city. The reason being is because the season is not over until a team is mathematically eliminated. It seems that in most seasons, there is always a point in time where Indians fans say, “I think these guys have a chance to make the playoffs.” This season is no different and I think this team can actually secure a wild card spot.

This article will not have stats for players, discussions on who will need to perform, or who the Indians will call up in September. This article is about the Indians’ schedule, along with wins and losses. We have a lot of other staff members who are going to dig into all of those other details. Everything depends on how the Indians will play against the bad teams left on their schedule. There are 16 games left against sub-.500 teams. These teams include Minnesota, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Houston. This is where ground is made up in baseball: against the really bad teams late in the season. The Indians need to win 13 of these 16 games at a minimum to stay in the hunt.

The other remaining 13 games are against Kansas City and Detroit, the exact teams the Indians are trying to chase down. Playing .500 or below against these teams is not going to get the job done. The Indians need to win 9-10 games against KC and Detroit. This may seem difficult right now, but KC has been on a hot streak for weeks, they are bound to cool off sooner rather than later. There are victories to be had against our rivals.

The Indians have 30 games left. Let’s say they win 13 vs. the sub-.500 teams and 10 vs. Det/KC. That would put the Indians at 23-7 over the final 30 game stretch. Some of you are saying, “impossible, this team can’t win 23 of their last 30 games.” I beg to differ, last season the Indians went 21-9 over their last 30 games. Now, I will agree their schedule is more difficult this season, but not by much. Kansas City is due for a slump and Detroit is playing horribly.

I don’t think this team can win a World Series this season, but baseball is a tricky game. You never know what can happen to a team if they get hot. Remember the 2007 Rockies? They were a .500 team entering September, and they made it to the World Series. This is what makes baseball a magical game. As long as a team has a mathematical shot late in the season, anything can happen. The Indians are a distant third place in this town behind the new look Cavs and the Browns, but they shouldn’t be.  Are they inconsistent? Yes. However, they are still alive and nothing is better than playoff baseball at the Jake. Don’t even get me started about calling it Progressive: it’s still the Jake to me. Grab some Tribe gear, head downtown, and root for this team as they head into September. Don’t worry; the Browns will have plenty of games after September.


Written By a diehard Indians Fan- Rick Giavonette

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