Can The Browns Win it All?

Can the Browns win it all?

That is a loaded question that I am mulling over every night while I am trying to sleep. This next game is very critical on the path to the big kahuna. The Browns have not been the best facing teams away from home and have the biggest game in franchise history (in my mind) this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sadly, I believe the Browns will be shredded by good ol’ QB Patrick Mahomes, who has led the Chiefs to a great season and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. That being said, the Browns have an amazing leader in quarterback Baker Mayfield and if it is not an offensive shootout led by both skippers, I will be quietly depressed in my apartment.

The Browns are playing the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium and for that reason, along with Mahomes’ freakish gift to shred the secondary, it will be a tough fight. I do not mean to play devil’s advocate, but here I go. Cleveland has the powerful running back Kareem Hunt in the backfield, who was quoted saying that “next week is personal” and rightfully so. Hunt, who was originally drafted by the Chiefs and was traded in 2019, has never faced his original team in a game this big.

If the Browns win this game, they have a serious chance of proving everybody wrong.

Cleveland has not been this far in 23 years and why stop now?

The Browns have momentum on their side and we are Cleveland after all. Cleveland deserves this win and deserves to keep winning. The city has been through so much in the last decade and a half. Factories have closed, unemployment rose and people have left the city in droves. If all else fails, doubters have already been proven wrong by the team getting this far.

But why not keep proving them wrong?

One Pittsburgh Steeler who I will not name because he is about as relevant as the scum that I step in every day on the sidewalk was quoted saying, “I think they are the still the Browns” and another player was quoted saying, “I don’t care about the loss, the Browns will get clapped next week anyway.” Who are these people to talk about our team like that? When I read that I was fuming. I can’t imagine how our players felt.

Let’s take that anger and use it to push on to Super Bowl Sunday!


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