Cameron’s Dependability And His Future With The Browns


The Cleveland Browns starting Tight End Jordan Cameron will miss the game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday due to the continuing effects of his concussion. Cameron returned to practice on Friday for the first time since he was sidelined with the concussion on Oct. 26th against the Oakland Raiders.  Cameron did some individual work at practice and participated in a few team plays but was very limited.

Cameron has suffered three concussions in three years but says that the neurologists have cleared him of any ongoing danger to his health. “They looked at my situation with detail,” Cameron said. “I trust what they’re saying is what it is. Like I said, if I didn’t feel comfortable playing, I wouldn’t be out here, knowing I have a son who is obviously a big part of my life. Those are the things you think about, but after I talked to these neurologists, I feel a lot better about the situation.” Cameron hopes to be ready to play next week against Buffalo.

It seemed as if the Browns’ were determined to sign Cameron to a long term contract, before the season. However, he was shelved early in the season due to a shoulder injury and now with his latest concussion his constancy has been brought into question. He has played in just 6 games this season and only broke 100 yards receiving once while scoring just one touchdown. The market for a tight end of Cameron’s caliber at the start of the season would call for a contract somewhere in the area of $5-$7 million dollars a year. The Browns front office now has a more difficult decision to make with his durability in question. The 6’5″ former basketball player fits the prototype of the new tight end in the NFL and has proven in the past that he can be a very effective weapon in the pass game when he is healthy. The Browns front office presumably now adds Cameron to the list of delicate contract decisions they will face this off season. The Browns do have their franchise tag available which conceivably could be used on Cameron to allow for more time to make their long term decision on him.

By: Brad Ward

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