Cam Erving Couldn’t Block Himself Looking in the Mirror


It’s over.

The Cam Erving Era is finished in Cleveland. It’s one that fans would like to forget. He was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 5th round pick. What a miracle it was that any team gave up a pick for Erving.

Cam Erving was pancaked more times that one can count. He was unable to block at any position he was put at and left Browns quarterbacks tasting the dirt more times than not. The Browns burned a first-round pick on Erving, the 19th back in the 2015 draft. That is one of the many selections that this franchise would want back.

The team did everything they could. They moved him around the line trying to find the right fit for him. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t going to happen at any place. That’s why a trade needed to happen.

Kansas City is going to need some magic powers to fix this offensive lineman. A huge hats off to Sashi Brown for getting anything in return.

Good luck.

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