I’ll start by saying that YES Johnny Manziel should have been at the walk-through practice on Saturday. Also, he should NOT have thrown a party on Friday night, which ultimately caused he and others to be late for practice the next day.

One of the many prerequisites for complete success as a quarterback is giving it 110% at practice. 

However, already placed on IR for the season, Manziel was not going be under center for the Browns final game against the Baltimore Ravens, even before he showed up late to practice.

Watching a Week 17 walk-through is going to do absolutely nothing for Manziel. It’s a full off-season of hard work, a training camp with the majority of first-team repetitions and a good preseason which will lead to success next year. A Week 17 walk-through is a waste of his time, even though in theory he should have been there.

To write off Johnny Manziel as a bust because he threw a party on Friday and then was late to a walk-through is completely ridiculous. If he was slated to start on Sunday, you better believe he would have been there and wouldn’t have thrown a party. Do you think that the rest of the players on the team just sat in their homes watching game film on Friday night? No way! They were at the bars and clubs, too. 

There’s no denying that Johnny Manziel’s rookie season has been one of disappointment, but did the kid even get a fair shot?

Think about it – Johnny was thrown into a tough Week 15 game against a hungry Bengals team. His Browns were completely depleted with injures at almost every single position. At 7-6 (at the time), the team’s playoff hopes were all but over. Everyone was tired, beaten up, and ready to go on vacation with their families.

I have defended Johnny Manziel since the Browns drafted him way back in May. I REFUSE to give up on a kid after six quarters of game play, and one incident of him showing up late to a walk-through he wasn’t even participating in. The Browns knew that in drafting Manziel they were also drafting his baggage. Why does fixing him have to be a one year project? For many quarterbacks, it takes a couple of years for everything to click. 

You have to give Johnny 2015.

-Zach Shafron

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