Bye Week Report Card: Front Office

The Cleveland Browns Front Office in previous seasons was looked at as one of the most inept entities in the National Football League due to situations such as not telling the league that a deal was in place to trade for AJ McCarron before the trade deadline ended at 4:00 in 2017, to drafting Johnny Manziel. However, as the Browns entered the 2019 season, everything within the front office looked to be on the rise.

With the acquisitions of Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon and the free agent signing of Kareem Hunt, the Browns entered the season with a stacked roster that looked unstoppable. This has not been the case to this point in the season. The Browns currently have a record of 2-4 through six games.

If I had to give the Browns Front Office a grade to this point in the season, I would have to give them a B.

A ‘B’ may sound like high praise for a team with a 2-4 record, but their front office has done wonders. The addition of Odell during the offseason is one of the biggest reasons for this grade. When Odell was acquired by the Browns in March, the media, fans and other teams alike took notice that the Browns meant business and were here to win. During his own introductory press conference, Beckham wasn’t looking to talk about himself, but the team as a whole and other impactful players such as Myles Garrett, Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry.

Kareem Hunt is another accusation that, while controversial, could reap great rewards for the front office once Hunt joins the team in Week 10. After Hunt’s incident during the 2018 season, the Browns were able to get him on the cheap. Having Hunt join the team in Week 10 is like trading for a player at the deadline that is fresh and hadn’t played all season but is in game shape.

To date, John Dorsey has shown he is not afraid to make a trade when the time is right and the player is the right fit for the organization. In a recent interview with 92.3 The Fan, Dorsey confirmed he is in talks with the Washington Redskins to acquire Trent Williams. A player like Williams would be a perfect fit to add to this team and help build a stronger offensive line, which is a need for this team. John Dorsey as GM is not afraid to take lead and deny the trade rumors that would hurt his team.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Dorsey was asked about the trade rumors with Odell Beckham Jr. and explained:

“He hasn’t taken any trade calls on Beckham, isn’t interested in taking any and has no plans to trade the three-time Pro Bowl receiver.” As reported by Mary Kay Cabot of

As this season goes on, only time will tell if this front office will add the pieces necessary to turn this team around or if they already have them in place and it just hasn’t fallen into place. One thing that is for sure and that is the 2-4 start that Browns have to this season is not the fault of the front office, but what is done to correct it is.

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