On countless Sundays, Browns fans have trudged to the stadium, gathered around their televisions, or intently listened to the game on the radio. It’s been a long time since the Browns have been good, or even average for that matter, but we still and always will be cheering those Brownies with on with all we’ve got.

To be quite frank, we’ve watched nothing but garbage since the reinstatement of the team back in 1999.

Amazingly, this past Sunday might be the start of a new chapter.

An average game in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans turned into an incredible and inspiring comeback by the Cleveland Browns. Coming into the game with a 1-2 record, the Browns were looking to properly close out a game for a win. However, as it’s been for a decade and a half, the team came out and disappointed us once again.

It starts with the tackling. It took the Browns three guys just to tackle a player, and unfortunately we’re not just talking running backs. The defense couldn’t even bring down Titans quarterback Jake Locker. After initial contact, a Titans ball carrier would gain 4-6 more yards. It was so frustrating that I can personally guarantee many TVs, remotes and other inanimate objects were broken in the Cleveland area.

Shockingly, but not really shockingly at all, it didn’t stop there.

The secondary was garbage. Excuses aside, and I know there are many, both Joe Haden and Buster Skrine got burned…badly. A part of the team that was expected to be the best this year, is turning out to be the worst. Haden’s 67.5 million dollar extension is making us all a little uneasy at the moment.

In the blink of an eye, the score was 28-3 with the Titans on top. The Browns decided to resort to the old ways of the new Browns – terrible football.

But then, a switch occurred. One similar to the first game in Pittsburgh where the Browns made a 24 point comeback, but ended up losing on a game winning field goal, 30-27. To end the half, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer led the team 90 yards, and capped the drive off with a one-yard touchdown pass to backup tight end Jim Dray. The score was 28-10 at halftime, and the Titans wouldn’t score another point for the rest of the game.

It’s crazy, but it seems as if every time “Johnny Manziel” talk starts to surface, Hoyer panics, but in a good way. He shifts into to a higher gear, and turns into an elite quarterback. He makes the proper reads, uses good mechanics and makes great throws to his receivers.

That was the second half Brian Hoyer.

This comeback, by any means, wasn’t perfect. A lot had to go in the Browns favor for them to steal a victory. Interestingly enough, it’s those good teams that get those breaks.

Amazingly, a blocked punt and two perfect drives late in the 4th quarter by Brian Hoyer led to victory. Travis Benjamin was on the receiving end of both touchdowns, securing the win with his outstretched arms. The defense finally figured it out, or they got lucky that starting quarterback Jake Locker was hurt and the backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst ended up having to come into the game for Tennessee.

Sure, it was only a comeback against a bad Tennessee team and their backup quarterback, and yes the Browns have just as many, if not more, weaknesses and strengths. But for our squad to show as much resiliency as they did is nothing short of amazing.

I’m proud to say that the Brownies didn’t quit.

Browns fans: We have a team that never stops fighting, players that get up after getting knocked down, and a coach that has instilled a winning attitude into these guys. Wow, does the future look bright here in Cleveland, and that’s something I don’t any of us could confidently say until now.

Now let’s beat the Steelers. #TimeToBark

-Zach Shafron

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