Busy NFL News Week Causes Cleveland Browns Side Effects


We haven’t even started with the free agency window starting this next week yet there were several big NFL news stories that have the Cleveland Browns experiencing side effects from the moves. The Browns have a lot to take in after this week and the ever-changing landscape of the league will certainly have the Browns up late doing their homework and trying to make good decisions that will make their team better and more competitive going into next season.

We’ll start with the team’s own news. They began the week saying they would be franchise tagging their tight end David Njoku. This means they have Njoku at least for one more season and he won’t hit the free agency market this year. The projections have the Browns paying him close to $11 million. That then brings up the question about their other high-priced tight ends Austin Hooper, who’s due over $9 million this next season. Does the team keep Hooper around or would they release or try and trade the tight end?

The other news for the Browns this week involved their restricted free agent running back D’Ernest Johnson and that the team plans on putting a tender on him which means they plan on either matching any offers from other NFL teams that try and sign him in free agency or gain a draft pick equal to their tender which could be as high as a second-round pick. Could this mean that the team is planning on releasing or trying to trade other running back Kareem Hunt? If the team did that they’d save $6 million dollars towards their cap.

Those were just a couple of the team’s moves. Now let’s take a look at a few other moves on other teams that have had an effect on the Browns.


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