Burleson: ‘I’m Going to Get a Fine”


“I’m going to get a fine” said Nate Brurleson about his return to Detroit, ‘I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what celebration I’m going to do”. It seems somebody is ready for their return to Detroit. Burleson was one of the obvious vocal leaders of the Lions, even though he broke his arm trying to save a pizza (totally worth it in my opinion). ” It’s going to be a little bit of an appreciation celebration to the fans and the city of Detroit. But it’s also going to be a poke in the back, saying, ‘You should have kept me because I’m still balling.”

So what does this mean for Cleveland fans? To me, it means that Burleson is ready to take on a new challenge in Cleveland and show Detroit why they should have kept him. This is very encouraging to me, it tells me that Burleson really wants to be here in Cleveland and is buying in to what the front office is doing.

So what can Burleson do for the Browns this year? Honestly, I don’t think he can do too much. His best season was in 2004, when he had 1006 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. However, in his last five years, his highest recieving total was in 2009, when he had 812 receiving yards and just 3 touchdowns. I do have to cut him some slack though because he has had a number of injuries over the last five years. My prediction for Burleson this year is around 650 receiving yards with 6 touchdowns.

What will Burleson’s role be? This is a very intriguing question due to the fact that Josh Gordon will likely be out for the rest of the year. With the additions of Miles Austin and Earl Bennett, Burleson will likely be the no.3 wide receiver, which he should thrive as. Defensive backs will fall asleep on him and he will make them pay.

Overall, Cleveland fans should be very intrigued by these recent comments by Nate Burleson. It really shows that he is ready to be a Cleveland Brown.

– Jimmy Carcioppolo (follow me on twitter @CST_JimmyC)

Source: http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2014/06/nate_burleson_detroit_lions_cl.html


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