What are we seeing from the Ohio State Buckeyes so far? It’s only Week 1 of the season but last Saturday against Indiana, we witnessed some pros and cons about Ohio State. The biggest pro for the Buckeyes was their defense. The defense was sensational against Indiana. The Buckeyes allowed just three points. What were the cons? The offense. Yes, they put up 23 points. Yes, a win is a win, but I saw a team that looked rusty on offense. The game against Indiana showed me how valuable CJ Stroud was to their offense.

I’m not hitting the panic button yet. Like I said, it’s only Week 1. Quarterback Kyle McCord is the new sheriff in town. He played a solid game. He completed 20 of his 33 passes and threw for 234 yards, but no touchdowns and one interception. McCord made some nice throws, but he needs to clean up or work on his decision-making when he’s in the pocket. Ohio State has some growing to do on offense. Ohio State’s defense is legit, but their offense could cost them some games if they don’t watch their step.

We have to give credit to Indiana. Their defense kept them in the game until last in the third quarter. That’s when Ohio State got in the groove and took over the game. If Indiana had a strong offensive lineman, then we would’ve had a much more serious conversation. Indiana is looking like a team that has some to prove and people are underestimating them.

As for Kyle and the Buckeyes, I’m going to be optimistic and say that they will be fine. It’s a new era in some ways, but they have to watch out especially when they will go up against teams like Notre Dame, Penn State, and Michigan.

Ohio State will make their home season debut against Youngstown State next Saturday, September 9th at 12pm.

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