September 28, 2022

Buckeyes Fall Short

Yes, Ohio State lost in the national title game to Alabama, 52-24. Yes, this is Bama head coach Nick Saban’s 7th national title and Bama’s first since 2017, but let’s not take away Ohio State’s accomplishments in the Covid-stricken season.

Had it not been for the Buckeyes, this football season would have looked totally different. They fought along with other member schools of the Big Ten to compete and have a season. Even with losing games due to Covid issues and playing fewer games than the SEC and ACC, the Buckeyes still managed to not only win the Big Ten Title but also make it to The National Championship game.

Now, for those that are going to say, “Ohio State didn’t deserve to be there because they played fewer games.” Let’s not forget one important fact. Every team in the power five conferences lost at least two games due to Covid-19 issues including Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame.

So who deserved to be in the college playoff final this year?

Alabama and the Buckeyes.

Why? Because they survived a season nobody expected to see happen in the first place!

We all wanted the Buckeyes to win. But coming into a game undermanned and losing star running back Trey Sermon put the Buckeyes at a disadvantage all night long. Buckeye QB Justin Fields did what he could by going 17/33 for 194 yards and throwing one touchdown. Running back Master Teague also ran for a touchdown himself, but the Buckeyes just couldn’t keep up with the Bama track race.

As much as I would want to sit and be sad about this loss, I won’t. Head coach Ryan Day has the Buckeyes headed in the right direction and the future is looking bright. The Buckeyes will be a problem in the college foot all world for a long time to come.

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