April 20, 2024

Well, that experience of watching the game against the Baltimore Ravens was absolutely awful. The team lost by a score of 28-3 and the Browns’ record is now 2-2 on the season. A bye week is upcoming with a matchup against the 49ers in two weeks at home.

Now, I had posted an article previously that essentially said for the Browns to play it safe and rest Deshaun Watson in order to prevent shoulder problems with an injury occurring.

Yikes. That’s what actually went down. However, it occurred before the game even started.

Here are the nuances of the situation.

First of all, my question is what happened from Watson expecting to play to being ruled out after seeing him throw passes during warmups. It appeared that Watson was going to be a go (hence my article from the previous week). However, something went down that signaled for the team to scratch him from the game.

Next, the fact that rookie backup Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked absolutely terrible. On the afternoon, he went 19-36 for 121 yards and three interceptions. There was an absolute plethora of blatantly terrible throws that had fans going absolutely crazy.

My feeling was that if DTR started the game, he was going to “ball out” and show everyone that he is capable of playing quarterback once he got the opportunity. It obviously did not happen as such. Quite the opposite, actually…

The Browns have two weeks because of the bye and I think this both good and bad. It gives them lots of time to heal up from all the injuries to Watson and company. It’s also two weeks (an extra week) to think about the horror that was the game against the Ravens.

Let’s see if the Browns decide to sign an additional quarterback because of how bad the game was in Cleveland. PJ Walker is the backup if Watson doesn’t play against the 49ers and beyond.

Being 2-2 after four weeks doesn’t mean the season is over. That was the point, in part, with the article previously saying that it’s better to have Watson sit just to be safe and take the single loss with a full season ahead.

My biggest fear is that Watson’s shoulder injury is worse than the team is leading on which is why he didn’t play against the Ravens. Even so, hopefully, he’ll be able to recover before the 49ers game and be back to full strength for the rest of the season.

The defense needs and deserves the help.


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