Browns Win: The Giant Play That Won’t Get Talked About This Week


What an incredible victory by the Cleveland Browns over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. The team overcame plenty of mistakes and was able to overcome such challenges to get that big win. It was a crucial divisional battle that ended in the best way by a game-winning field goal.

Now, there are a ton of amazing plays that will be looked upon by fans throughout their analysis this week. However, I want to focus on just this one. Let’s set the stage.

With 2:25 left in the third quarter and the Browns down 24-9, Kareem Hunt rushed for a three-yard touchdown. Now, that was a big play by the back.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski decided to go for a two-point conversion after said Hunt TD. The Browns were now trailing 24-15 and if converted it would make it a seven-point game instead of six if settling for simply an extra point. That’s the idea of why to go for it.

Watson was able to scramble and dart his way for a score to make the game 24-17 and a one-touchdown game. Huge, huge play right there.

The reason this was so crucial was not so much because Watson made the play but because it wasn’t unsuccessful. Had the Browns missed that conversion it would’ve been a nine-point game, two scores and completely changed the entire dynamic of the game.

Baltimore would get the ball back with two minutes left in the third up two scores.

Now, certainly, there still would’ve been a chance for the Browns to ultimately battle their way back and win the game as the team frankly ended up doing to win it.

It was a bold call by Stefanski because of this idea that it could’ve resulted in this two-score deficit with not much time remaining in the second half instead of a one-score eight point-game (24-16)

Many more big plays were made such as the Greg Newsome pick-six, Elijah Moore touchdown catch, Hopkins game-winning field goal amongst numerous others by multiple players. Also, plenty of bad plays were made that will need to be fixed before this huge game against the Pittsburgh Steelers coming up on Sunday.

That two-point conversion is a small bit that changed the entire dynamic of the game. Who knows if the final outcome would’ve been altered had that not been converted?

The Browns are now 6-3 on the season and certainly remain in contention for the playoffs. It’s execution on plays like that which are making it possible.

Great win, Dawgs. Keep it up!

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