February 27, 2024

Browns Win Is A Secret Fuel For Cavs Future Successes


LeBron James is an attention whore.

That most definitely got your attention…continue reading to find out why.

If you think about it though, it’s true. LeBron and any other famous superstar absolutely loves the spotlight. They’ve lived in the limelight for years and the love and affection from people across the world is what fuels their passion to continue whatever it is they do, from sports to music to politics.

Here in Cleveland, it’s always been noted that we are a Browns town. However, the Browns have always been so bad that the Cavs and Indians have, in some ways, outshone our football team’s constant failure since its renaissance in ’99.


July 11th, 2014


This summer, the great LeBron James announced his return to Cleveland with a beautifully written essay posted on SI. The city was obviously elated and our love for the King was sparked once more. Fans were running around the streets of Cleveland screaming like maniacs because a championship was nothing short of a guarantee at this point.

At that time, the name Brian Hoyer meant very little to Clevelanders.

So the Browns began their preseason and truth be told it was absolutely awful. The regime gave the starting job to the incumbent Brian Hoyer over the exciting rookie Johnny Manziel, because it had no choice.

LeBron still ruled Cleveland.

Today, the Browns have a 6-3 record after an absolutely dominating win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

As Will Brinson from CBS Sports put it, “Cleveland strolled into their house, took everything they own, and set their dignity on fire with one of those slow-motion, over-the-shoulder lighter tosses on the way out the door.”

Quarterback Brian Hoyer

The Browns dominated the game on both sides of the ball. The defense was absolutely scathing and made Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton look like the worst investment in NFL history. Dalton made a plethora of terrible throws and finished with a quarterback rating of 2.0. He looked uncomfortable the entire night because of the vicious defense by the hungry Browns.

Led by the established running game, the Browns were able to steadily work their way down the field by playing some serious smash mouth football. Quarterback Brian Hoyer extinguished any talks of Johnny Manziel taking his slot by making crisp and sound throws when they needed to be made. He never did too much, and he made no mistakes.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Browns are back.

To start the season, the Cavaliers have a disappointing 1-3 record. After the New York Knicks spoiled LeBron James’ homecoming, the team also lost in Portland and Utah. Their lone win came in overtime against the Chicago Bulls.

In a Cleveland uniform, LeBron’s popularity has never before been challenged as much as it is right now. He’s not matched up against a single person but an entire team – The Browns.

For the first time in a long time Cleveland fans are more hyped and more pumped up about our football team than our basketball team (even with LeBron on it).

No matter what he says, this most certainly does not sit well with the Homecoming King.

LeBron will use this new found “issue” to  drive himself to be once again be the center of the Cleveland sports world.

It sounds crazy, right? But jealousy doesn’t evade even the greatest of superstars in sports. In the coming weeks, look for LeBron James and the Cavs to really turn on the jets. Call it a little FRIENDLY COMPETITION!


-Zach Shafron

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