September 18, 2021

Browns Will Have to Avoid “Those Plays” to Win This Season

I was “That Play” I mean “That Guy” back when I was in high school. Girls wanted to avoid me and did so successfully, I will say.

I wrote an article earlier today about the Browns disappointing loss to the Chiefs. However, this piece takes a different look at the game.

What sticks out most from the loss is the mistakes that were made allowing the Chiefs to come back and eventually win the affair. I can’t stop thinking about the RB Nick Chubb Fumble, even though he had a fantastic game overall. Moreover, the P Jamie Gillian dropped punt snap. Lastly, the QB Baker Mayfield interception.

Baker goes 21/28 from 321. Great passing ratio and total yards.

Chubb runs 15 times for 83 yards and two touchdowns. (Hunt 66 yards and a TD of his own)

We know Gillan can catch a snap and punt, despite the terrible error.

This is what I like to call “Those Plays.” The plays that despite the fact that the overall stat line for a player looks great, it’s that crucial error that ends up blowing a game for the entire team. Chubb, Baker and Gillian are all very capable football players. It’s those plays that must be avoided in future affairs if this team wants to be successful.

I know, it’s not easy going an entire game playing flawless football. However, the best of the best figure out a way to do it in order to truly be successful throughout the entire season and beyond.

That’s 100%

Not 99%

Not 98%

A complete football game from every player.

Simply put, if Chubb doesn’t fumble, Gillian kicks it away and Baker avoids the interception, the Browns would most likely have won the football game over the Chiefs. Next week against the Texans, avoid “Those Plays.” The same way girls avoided me in high school.

Lastly, no player should be defined by one play. However, it certainly happens. Just ask Earnest Byner… Let’s not have any more BynDrops, I mean…Byner’s this year on the Browns. Win football games with a clean and flawless performance all the way through.

And for those girls in high school…I guess my Cleveland Indians shirt, Browns pants and Cavs hat with a Buckeyes watch just wasn’t appealing.


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