Hey, everyone! It’s founder Zach Shafron filling in for Eric Szczepinski who is enjoying a wonderful prom weekend with his lovely girlfriend.

The quarterback Johnny Manziel talk has, as expected, continued to dominate the media. Craziness has already occurred.

News of an apparent “hoax” of a law suit filled against the former Texas A&M quarterback for just a casual 25 million dollars. The name was Samantha Schacter who is a co-host on the show “Dr. Drew on Call.” Schacter claims the law suit was 100% a hoax. Thank the lord…

It’s expected that there will be an intense quarterback competition between the aforementioned Manziel and current starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer. The former St. Ignatius Wildcat had a perfect 2-0 record as the starter for the Browns last season, but a horrific ACL tear against the Buffalo Bills sidelined him out for the rest of the regular season.

It’s my belief that neither has proven anything.

Sure, Hoyer is perfect. But his victory over Minnesota saw him throw three interceptions against a medicare defense. The following week, his offense only produced 17 points but it was the defense that beat the Bengals week four. Let’s see him go into Pittsburgh and win before I dub him a true starting quarterback.

Point being, don’t rule Hoyer out, but why should he be a guarantee? He’s been a career backup for a reason…

Definitely look for the quarterback competition to heat up as the summer goes on.

Additionally, the Browns held their OTA’s this past week. Despite a looming possible suspension, wide receiver Josh Gordon did participate in the practices. Johnny Manziel saw third string reps, and the rest of the rookies started their process of adapting to the NFL.

It’s only May here in Cleveland, but damn am I excited for the NFL season to start. We’ve got some drama with Johnny Cleveland, but we knew it was coming. It’s important for him and the rest of the team to stay level headed at all times. Something said now could linger into the season.

Hey, there are only 75 days until the first preseason game in Detroit. We’ll be there before you know it.

-Zach Shafron filling in for Eric Szczepinski

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