Browns “Way too Early” Season Prediction


The schedule is out for the 2014 season and folks around town are already making their predictions. Obviously, we still have the draft and some free agency left before we will even have a solid idea of the teams makeup heading into week 1. The team has made some solid additions, but still lack the most important position. Quarterback. That’s why this is way too early, but here we go:

Week 1: @ Pittsburgh. The Steelers are getting older and aren’t as dominate as in years past. Yet, the Browns will still be figuring out their quarterback position and will fall to the Steelers. 0-1.

Week 2: vs. New Orleans. A tough way to open the home portion of the schedule. If this game were late in the season and the weather was cold and windy it could be a different story. Sadly, the Browns lose what could be a high scoring game. 0-2.

Week 3: vs. Baltimore. A Ravens team comes to town that the Browns do seem to play well each time. The Ravens will most likely have ongoing legal trouble from back Ray Rice and unstable play from QB Joe Flacco lingering over their heads. The Browns get their first W on the season. 1-2.

Week 4: Bye Week.

Week 5: @ Tennessee. Coming off an early season bye week the Browns should have no problem going into Tennessee and winning. 2-2.

Week 6: vs. Pittsburgh. Every year we all think that the Browns will beat the Steelers. This will be the year that they steal one from their hated rivals. Although, it will be odd having both Steeler games done by week 6. 3-2.

Week 7: @ Jacksonville. If the Browns want to be the team they talk about being, these are the games they must win. Jacksonville came into Cleveland last year and took one. It’s time to repay them. 4-2.

Week 8: vs. Oakland. The Browns will be in the middle of a 3 week stretch of must-wins. You don’t sign guys like Whitner, Dansby, and Burleson to lose to the Raiders. 5-2.

Week 9: vs. Tampa Bay. Again, a game that the Browns simply need to win if they want to be contenders. 6-2.

Week 10: @ Cincinnati. The Browns longest winning streak since coming back in ’99 ends on a disappointing Sunday in Cincy. 6-3.

Week 11: vs. Houston. The Texans turn it around after a terrible 2013 season, but the Browns beat Ben Tate’s old squad. 7-3.

Week 12: @ Atlanta. Julio Jones will continue to show Browns fans what they could’ve had has the Falcons take care of business. 7-4.

Week 13: @ Buffalo. Mike Pettine gets a big W in his former city as the Browns start to play meaningful late season games. 8-4.

Week 14: vs. Indianapolis. Andrew Luck proves to be a bit too much for the Browns to handle in his 3rd season. 8-5.

Week 15: vs. Cincinnati. Browns close out the home portion of the schedule with a big division win. 9-5.

Week 16: @ Carolina. Tough late season draw here. Browns fall to Cam and the Panthers. 9-6.

Week 17 @ Baltimore. Big playoff implications will fall on the final game of the year. Browns still a year away. Ravens take the final matchup before the playoffs begin and the Browns miss out by a single game. 9-7.

-Brandon Proy

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