Tonight, the Cleveland Browns host the rival Pittsburgh Steelers for Thursday Night Football at First Energy Stadium. After a bad loss to the New York Jets this past Sunday, the Browns are looking to bounce back. There are many things that can happen during this game tonight – good things but also bad things.

Let’s start with the good, shall we? If the Cleveland Browns beat the Steelers tonight, then the Browns will be in a good spot. The Browns will be in first place in the AFC North and will have found a way to bounce back after a two-minute nuke against the Jets. The Browns would have a record of (2-1) and will be atop the division. They would also have gained their confidence back and faith would be restored in this early session of the season. This is the scenario that we as Browns really want/need to see considering it’s only Week Three and we feel that the season is on the line.

Now that the good news is over, here is the bad part. If the Cleveland Browns lose this game, our team confidence will struggle. With the loss last Sunday, a loss tonight would the Browns in an even deeper hole. As fans, a loss tonight would just add to the agony of the Jets game. A loss tonight would also feel like an implosion to the season as a whole. I know it’s only week three, but the way the Browns lost to the Jets in a creative fashion that the Browns did can decrease their confidence and cause a disastrous rest of the year.

Overall, the Browns need to be ready for this game. The game is a home game for Cleveland and they must find a way to win and send the fans home happy. As bad as the loss to the Jets was, if the Browns win, they will have redeemed themselves. Why? Because they would have beaten the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a short week, but a new week. Let’s take care of business. Let’s go Browns!!!!

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