Browns vs. Ravens – Week 14 – An Early Preview


On Sunday, December 12, 2021, the Cleveland Browns will host the Baltimore Ravens for their second match-up of the season. This game is going to be one for the books as it will be a classic Baker vs. Lamar showdown. I say ‘showdown’ because during the 2020 NFL season these two teams played in a shootout the entire game. This game from last year could be argued as ‘Game of the Year.’

The minimum goal for the Browns against the Ravens is to split with them. This match-up in Cleveland should give the Browns an advantage to win. I say this because the Browns play the Ravens in Week 12 for their first match-up. The Browns then have a bye in Week 13 which gives them time to prep for Baltimore again for Week 14. I know that sounds like a lot, but it gives the Browns the advantage in the end.

The other crucial thing during the Browns’ bye week is that Baltimore is playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 13. So, while Baltimore is dealing with Pittsburgh, Cleveland is prepping for a second go-around with the Ravens.

Ultimately, this should be a great game all around. The Browns and Ravens are going to be fighting for first place in the AFC North division. I believe that this game will determine who wins the division. With the Browns’ new defensive draft picks and signings, they should be able to fend of Lamar Jackson’s offense and speed.

Anyway, I am super pumped for this upcoming Browns season and I know that this second match-up between the Ravens will be extremely important for the Browns to win. The Browns have home-field advantage in this game, as well. Winning a crucial game like this in a full capacity First Energy Stadium will create even more great memories within Cleveland Sports.

Dawg Pound, let’s get fired up for this season and let’s go Browns!

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