December 2, 2023

Tonight, the Cleveland Browns are playing the Baltimore Ravens on the road in Primetime. This is a really important game for the Browns. The season is on the line and a win tonight would greatly benefit the Browns for a playoff push. The Browns are sitting at a (6-5) record, coming off of a scary but needed win last week against the Lions.

The Browns are finally getting RB Kareem Hunt back and healthy. Hunt is a difference-maker within the Browns running game. It will be nice to have him back alongside RB Nick Chubb. This will be a tough game for the Browns, but if they show up to play, they can win this game. The Ravens are another team in the AFC North that has a good record but struggling. The goal for the Browns 2021 season is that it would finally be built up to defeat QB Lamar Jackson. I have no idea what the outcome is going to be, but the Browns will either dominate or struggle.

This is what has been interesting about the 2021 Browns. Are we going to get the team that shows up or the team that struggles this week? The positive thing for this game regardless is that the Browns will be wearing their 75th Anniversary uniforms. What better time to win in Baltimore than this? In your 75th Anniversary Jerseys. This is a playoff game for the Browns.

If the Ravens come out struggling tonight, the door to a Browns victory is open. The Browns defense must shut down Jackson and the Ravens offense. The Browns must run the ball on offense and QB Baker Mayfield needs to avoid making turnovers. Overall, HC Kevin Stefanski should have the Browns prepared for this division rival showdown. All we have to do is win!! Let’s Go Browns!!!

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