April 20, 2024

When you think of Detroit and Cleveland, you think of two blue-collar working-class cities. That’s what this rivalry is based on. Two blue-collar teams that scrap and fight for everything they earned.

These are also two teams going in two very different directions. It’s no secret that the Lions STINK and have been funking up the joint for the last few years. On the flip side, the Browns are coming off a stellar 2020 season in which they made the playoffs and beat the Steelers twice in the same season and won their first playoff game since 1994.

None of that will matter this season when the Browns have a Week 11 matchup with the Lions in what’s been dubbed locally as the “Great Lakes Rivalry.” The Lions are in a rebuilding mode as they got rid of star QB Matt Stafford for the younger Jared Goff. That’s not a bad thing, but given the circumstances of the team around Goff, the Lions have some serious moves to make before and even during the season if they hope to have a decent team this year. The Lions were at the bottom of the NFC North division with a 5-11 record. They were terrible at home, decent on the road and even worse in the division. The Lions were outscored all season and the defense didn’t help much when it came to stopping opposing offenses. Their offense wasn’t much to speak of as the offensive line was among one of the worst in the league, yet somehow Matt Stafford managed to live to tell his story as a QB.

The Browns will be coming off an 11-5 season with a playoff appearance. Yes, they were third in the division, but keep in mind they are playing in arguably the toughest division in the league. The Browns will be sporting an improved offensive line that was already tops in the league. Running backs Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb will be back in the backfield with an improving Baker Mayfield at QB. Jarvis Landry will be heading and leading the receiving core which will welcome back a now healthy O’Dell Beckham Jr. to compliment him. The defense will be back and improved in more ways than one. The worst in the league secondary, which was the lone weak point, has improved. Even so, the Browns defense led the league in turnovers and turnover differential for half the season. The front seven is what will be the scariest part of this scenario. A healthy DE Myles Garrett and DE Jadeveon Clowney on both ends of the line is a nightmare, and with the shape of the Lions’ offensive line, it won’t be an easy day for them.

FINAL PREDICTION: Honestly, I’ve tried hard to find a reason to give the Lions some hope, but it’s hard. I can’t see the Browns losing this game. Even if the Lions improve the team during the season. It’s just way too much firepower on the entire Browns team. If… and I mean IF, Jared Goff survives this game, he will be thanking the Football Gods in the locker room.

45-10 Browns! GO DAWGS!!

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